LUDORATI at UK Games Expo 2021

Ludorati™ is celebrating its 5 years’ anniversary and is back again at the UK Game Expo ( 

We've got a bigger and better stand in Hall 2-414 with a large retail section from the store itself including the latest games/RPG.

We're also demoing published and in the works games including New Earth (, New Earth Co-operative, Psycho Circus, Nottingham Castle and possibly Dan Dare as well as bringing some games along from our venue library to play.

Plus...we're showcasing Ludorati’s innovative Digital membership and, of course the GamesWizard recommendation app ( ) alongside the Ludorati app (available from App store/GooglePlay). 

We see our attendance at The UK Games Expo as supporting the industry, we know attendance is being limited this year but it's vitally important in the calendar particularly given last year's postponement. Hope to see a few of you there!