Ludorati store - our brand of game therapy

Welcome to Ludorati online. We like to say that this is just more than online store. Why? Well it's part of a broad proposition to you the member/customer and an extension to the excellent Ludorati store in Nottingham providing endless fun and enjoyment, what we term 'Game Therapy'.

First of all we are integrating things like instructional videos on product pages and other accompanying information to help with product selection and purchase.

Second, the store really links with our GamesWizard recommendation engine (see homepage) - the first in the world in our industry and our Ludorati app. It's designed to 'cut down browsing' and 'get more playing' the right game which may or may not include our own branded games.

Third, the store is designed with our membership in mind. Digital members receive 20% discount all year round as well as free access to the GamesWizard app.

We have plans to add more and expand more over time as we hope to build our customer base across the globe. We very much hope you join us on the journey.

'Professor Ludorati'