The Magic of GamesWizard

A few years ago at Ludorati Cafe as we grappled with the ever increasing launch of new games (and thus the back catalogue), the growth of the new cooperative and escape-type games and the re-emergence of role playing games through D&D/Cthulhu, we realised how expanded choice was actually making selection harder.

Finding the 'right game' to invest time and play was still driven mainly by personal recommendation (or being 'roped in'!) and/or by the 'lovely artwork' on the box. Neither of these methods were overly reliable from an individual perspective, quite apart from the limitations of knowing the vast amount of games available. Many a good game can sit quietly on the library shelf.

And so we started a journey (quite an investment in R&D terms) to first create a comprehensive classification model that assigned all games a particular gameplay and genre, what was originally known as GW2020 (20 'gameplays' x 20 'genres').  

It was a good first step but it was still descriptive for those trying to find a game and it wasn't based on individual game experience which was the true indicator.

Thus was borne the P25Q. Eventually enough ratings provided us with a means to reduce the questions from 25 to 12 with the same results - a more manageable feedback set. 

We'd seen how predictive algorithms had exploded into everyday life (as opposed to base algorithms being manifest in game design). We'd seen the impact of Netflix with regard to films and TV series.

So the question was could we launch something similar (only more accurate) for boardgames that helped people play/purchase the right game for them? A 'Choice at their Fingertips' so to speak.

Thus, in October 2020, after much further work, GamesWizard the app was launched - quite a baptism of fire given the circumstances. Aside from a shortlist of recommended game generation we added different gameplay/genre bands that are constantly updated week-to-week. More features/expansion is planned over time largely driven by member usage.

A milestone of sorts was passed in January as over 1,500 games are now in the GW2020 database and it continues to expand.

Now, given that Digital membership is free, you can access the GamesWizard app and find out. It's still in it's first Beta version but we're pleased with its UX given how limited our budget was.

We hope it ushers in a new era for boardgamers, in the use of technology. Our mission has always been to broaden the appeal of boardgames to the many and help all the game designers and game publishers out there who, through their dedication, help to make it the industry it is.

You can download our Digital membership @