Anger Smash

Anger Smash

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Anger Smash - 2-5 Players - Age 8+

This game is available to play in our games library.

AngerSmash is a strategic, set-building card game of bluff, theft & cooperation. Create a cocktail of Anger and Zen to floor your opponents, all the while under constant attack from your opponents.

- Race to build sets of anger and zen cards.

- sabotage your opponents or team up to destroy them.

- Smell victory then watch as it's snatched away.

- High strategy, low cunning and a little bit of luck!

Improve your position round by round, but don’t ignore what your opponents are doing. You must undermine their plans, steal from them and make their blood boil.

How to win: Be the FIRST to build a set of 4 identical Anger cards & a set of4 identical Zen cards. This is called an ANGERSMASH.