City of Mist: Player's Guide

City of Mist: Player's Guide

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City of Mist: Player's Guide - RPG Set

This game is available to play in our games library.

Hit the rainy streets of an enigmatic metropolis as a modern-day legend in search for the truth. Investigate unsolved cases, uncover the stories of the city residents, and confront the hidden forces pulling the strings from beyond the veil of the Mist. Make hard calls about which aspect of your life to promote and which to neglect; then suffer the consequences. And when it all falls apart, stop holding back and become the unstoppable incarnation of your Mythos…

The Player's Guide includes everything essential for players of City of Mist, both old and new - an introduction to the setting, tools for creating unique modern fantasy characters, the complete cinematic game rules, and a dramatic character development system.

  • Play a modern incarnation of your favorite myth, legend, or fairy tale

  • Investigate crimes and wrongs committed by other reincarnated legends like you

  • Try a stat-less, class-less, hit-point-less system that drives narrative and cinematic action

  • Mix and match Themebooks to create countless different characters with unique playability 

  • Evolve your character’s abilities based on her personal crises and breakthroughs

  • Immerse yourself in award-winning art and comics inspired by graphic novels