Cluedo: 24

Cluedo: 24

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Cluedo: 24 - 3-6 Players - Age 9+

This game is available to play in our games library.

6 Suspects, 1 Traitor, 9 Weapons. . .

Intelligence has revealed an imminent attack on the U.S. that will occur within 24 hours. CTU is ordered to Lock Down. Six agents are left inside and one is the Traitor who is planning the attack. It is up to you and Jack Bauer to reveal. . .

  • Who the Traitor is
  • What attack is planned
  • Where inside CTU it will be launched.

Do you have what it takes to expose the Traitor and save the country?

Clue: 24 Edition the traditional Clue game with a small twist. As in regular Clue, players travel around the board to visit places to make suggestions of who might be the killer (traitor), weapon (attack-type), and place that was secretly stored in the envelope before the game began. In addition, every person has a once per game power. There is a deck of cards you get throughout the game that give you special actions and act as a timer. When the 8th clock card is drawn you lose.