Deep State: Global Conspiracy

Deep State: Global Conspiracy

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Deep State: Global Conspiracy - 1-5 Players - Age 14+

The Global Conspiracy expansion extends your experience of Deep State and consists of 4 modules you may add into the game in any combination you like.

Some Modules contain Projects and mini-expansions which can be added to the game separately.

All Modules and mini-expansions, with a few restrictions, work great with each other. Yet some work better than others. Recommendations are provided in the rules.


Consists of: Counter-Terrorism Project * Black Operations. XXI Century mini-expansion - 7 cards * 3 Treaty cards

The World: The Counter-Terrorism Project exploits the people’s fear of terrorism in order to concentrate absolute power in the hands of counter-terrorism organizations.

Black Operations: it might seem they have no other purpose than chaos and destruction. In fact, they change the rules. The winner will earn the ruins of the world, but it will be their ruins.

Gameplay: You discard cards to Advance in Counter-Terrorism. As a benefit, you may use Agents from your Recruitment Pool when Infiltrating an Objective or Carrying out a Covert Operation. Additionally, you eliminate your opponent's Agents while Advancing in the Project.

Black Operations are another type of Covert Operations. They require less Agents, but you discard your cards to conduct them. You Carry out Black Operations in order - Cyber Threat first, then Eco Terrorism, and finally Blackout.


Consists of: Global Media Project * Trends mini-expansion - 6 cards * 3 Treaty cards

The World: The Global Media Project uses the media to lead the average person to the appropriate points of a view.

Social-political currents (Trends) usually originate in a highly influential country, and then like wind spread around the world. Trends should be anticipated and plans adjusted — done neither earlier nor later than necessary.

Gameplay: The Global Media Project requires you to sacrifice Treaties you have already made. But with this high cost, comes big benefits. Each time you advance in Global Media, you capture an Objective card. AND at the end of the game one of your Supreme Power cards generates MUCH more Influence for select Objective cards you have made.

Each Trend provides useful advantages for the duration of a game round and may be captured for Influence.


Consists of: Reptiloid Project * 15 Reptiloid Objective cards * 3 Treaty cards * 3 Contactee cards (Men of Action) * 1 UFO Hysteria card (Trend).

The World: With the Reptiloids Module, Deep State takes a step into a fictional aspect of conspiracy theories. The ambitions of the ‘Committee’ on becoming a secret world government have become meaningless since the lizard-like aliens from the planet Nibiru are closer than ever to seizing power on Earth.

Gameplay: Reptiloids Project effectively replaces the Deep State Project. Players compete for Reptiloid Objective cards that allow them to make new Treaties while ignoring their conditions, and they Advance in Reptiloids Project in order to obtain new Treaties and gather Influence at the end — but only if they have enough Special Interest emblems on their cards!


Consists of: Nuclear Power, Worldwide Bank, and World, Inc. Projects

Gameplay: Each of these Projects replaces one of the base game Projects. Nuclear Power provides you with Ghost Agents for each World War card played. Worldwide Bank extends your ability to reach distant cards further down the Infiltration Zone. World, Inc. returns your Agents back from missions and generates Influence for every Project you participate in.


All Modules are suitable for 1 to 5 players. Detailed solo play rules are provided in the rules for each of the Modules.